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West Orange & South Lake Lawn Maintenance Services

lawn maintenance services west orlandoPrepare to be impressed by your Clermont, Windermere, and Winter Garden lawn maintenance services from pioneering partners Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando and Bio Green Orlando! Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando provides the highest quality lawn maintenance services found in West Orange & South Lake communities. Our lawn maintenance services include regular lawn mowing, trimming and edging, as well as organic lawn care by Bio Green.

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Environmentally Friendly Lawn Service

We are dedicated to making our communities cleaner, safer, and greener with our environmentally friendly lawn maintenance services. Our lawn services are not only professional and dependable, but they are also the most environmentally friendly in the West Orange & South Lake area.

You can make the biggest impact on your local environment by combining our environmentally friendly mowing services with Bio Green‘s all-natural treatments and pest control. Conventional lawn care companies use harmful chemicals to treat lawns and air-polluting equipment for mowing and maintaining them. Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando and Bio Green avoid toxic chemicals and pollution with all of our lawn maintenance services.

Propane-Powered and Electric Lawn Service

propane mower conversionsYou can see, hear and smell the difference when a Clean Air Lawn Care mowing crew comes to your house. Our propane-powered mowers have drastically reduced emissions and exhaust compared to the gas-powered mowers our competitors used.

Combine propane-powered mowers with electric lawn equipment and you get a lawn service that’s above and beyond any other. Our electric trimmers, edgers, and blowers are extremely quiet. Unlike our gas-powered counterparts, we won’t disrupt your day when we show up to take care of your lawn. Plus, our electric equipment is zero-emission, and doesn’t pollute the air with the toxic VOCs and fumes that gas-powered engines do.

Sod Installation

We take great care in each of our sod installation projects. All sod is Grade-A quality, chosen to suit your conditions and hand-placed with care. We offer the first fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide treatment as part of our sod installation package to make sure that your new grass is off to a great start. Plus, when you sign up for six months of on-going services, we give you a 30-day money-back warranty.

Experts in West Orange & South Lake Lawn Maintenance

Our professional crew knows how to deliver premium, high-quality lawn care across the West Orlando area. Clean Air Lawn Care is a branch of Bio Green of Orlando, which has been serving the Orlando area since 2013. Bio Green of Orlando has won several awards for their expertise and service over the years. Now, as a partner with Clean Air Lawn Care, they’ve expanded their award-winning lawn services to cover regular lawn maintenance like mowing, treatments, and weed control.

Organic Lawn Services

lawn maintenance services west orlando

Together, Clean Air Lawn Care and Bio Green of Orlando provide full-service lawn care that includes organic, natural Bio Green treatments. All of Bio Green’s fertilizers and weed control options are pet-, kid- and wildlife-friendly. Bio Green focuses on the health of the soil with a proven, science-based approach to natural lawn care. Bio Green’s all-natural and organic fertilizer program is certified organic in 30 states, and is safe for kids, pets, wildlife, and local waterways. Combine treatments with our sustainable and electric lawn mowing service to make a big impact on your lawn as well as your community.

Full-Service Package, One Monthly Bill

Choose from our long list of lawn care services like fertilization, weed control, pest control, lawn mowing, and tree and shrub maintenance to create a full-service package with just one monthly bill. Get in touch via the website, text or phone for a free estimate.

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