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Organic and all-natural lawn care is the best way to achieve a well-balanced lawn without using the chemicals that traditional lawn services use. The conventional chem-lawn providers are masking deeper problem symptoms in your lawn to gain short-term results. South Lake and Clermont organic lawn care is an environmentally and family healthy alternative to traditional lawn services. We care about making residential neighborhoods in South Lake safer for everyone.

Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando’s kid- and pet-safe lawn care options are brought to you by Bio Green of Orlando. Bio Green helps you create the beautiful outdoor space you love by focusing on the health of the soil with a proven, science-based approach to natural lawn care. Bio Green’s natural fertilizer program is certified organic in 30 states, and is safe for kids, pets, wildlife, and local waterways. Combine it with our sustainable and electric lawn mowing service to make the biggest impact on your lawn.

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Bio Green nurtures grass and soil with microbe-rich, nutrient-rich treatments, the way nature intended and soil science proves is effective for long-term plant, soil, and environmental health. With a Bio Green treatment program, you can take pride (and rest easy) knowing that our experts use only treatments safe for children to play and pets to roll through. Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, we’re committed to giving our customers grass that’s truly greener.

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Organic Fertilizers Naturally Benefit South Lake Lawns

Organic fertilizers provide the soil with nutrients it naturally craves. This promotes the growth of organic matter and microorganisms leading to a greener, more resilient lawn that’s able to grow lush and green over time.

While chemical fertilizers claim some of the same temporary gains, the environmental and economic costs of using such products far outweigh the benefits. In other words, chemical pesticides only help your lawn superficially and in the short-term. These products are breaking down healthy soil, polluting groundwater, and causing serious harm to our families and communities.

Conserve Florida’s Resources With Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care systems conserve the Earth’s limited resources. We suggest Bio Green’s organic fertilizers and weed control programs based on what’s right for your lawn. For instance, we look at practical measures, such as anticipated rainfall and other climate considerations unique to your area. We then develop a plan right for you. Our elective irrigation maintenance service will ensure you reach the correct areas of your lawn when watering.

Combined with our environmentally friendly lawn mowing service, organic lawn care makes a big positive impact on the resources, water, and air in our community.

Promote Healthy Soil in your South Lake Lawn

Organic lawn care treatments demand the discipline necessary to ensure essential microorganisms will thrive in the soil. Such soil self-improvement plans require a steady diet of organic fertilizers. These are comprised of nutrients that encourage long term root growth. For only in concert with a well-balanced soil will grassroots reach their maximum depth. Therefore, retaining vital water for longer periods of time. Subsequently, you’re left with a heartier lawn that’s nearly self-sustaining, and far less dependent on your sprinkler system.

Control Pests With Organic Lawn Care

Chemical pesticides kill off the beneficial organisms that fight for us below the grass line. Predictably, pests find chemically-saturated lawns appealing and thrive in uneven ecosystems.

The best way to eradicate pests from your lawn is to make the environment unattractive to them. By creating a healthy, ecological coalition in the soil, you’ll ally yourself to the favorable microorganisms, insects, and plants that keep your lawn healthy. Therefore, discouraging any unrest from pests.

If you’re still having issues with pests in your yard or even in your home, get in touch with our partners at Bio Green of Orlando. They have a pet- and kid-safe pest control program that is effective and safe.

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